Tonya LeSure, Ed.S







As a devoted educational leader in education, I strive to be aware of the holistic needs of my stake holders in order to ensure that individual educational needs are met. My compassion for my educational career motivates my drive to be a life-long learner of innovative ways to improve the educational experience for all stakeholders. My career is more than just a career, it is my calling as reflected in this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, "the man who can make hard things easy is the educator."

Principal's Bio

           I  began my educational career at Coffee High School as a teacher for English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  After teaching ESOL for a few years, I taught English language arts.  A few years later, I became endorsed for gifted English. In 2007, I taught Language Arts at George Washington Carver-Freshman Campus. 

            In 2010, I transitioned from the position of teacher to Dean of Student Discipline at Coffee Middle School. I really enjoyed serving as dean because it provided me opportunities to work closer with parents and teachers to problem solve and build relationships.  Later in my career, I became the eighth grade Assistant Principal before transitioning to Coffee County  Educational Academy in 2015 as the Principal, where I am still serving in this role.

            I have been blessed to be married to my husband John LeSure.  We are blessed with five children and two granddaughters.  My family provides me with priceless support to be an effective leader in my educational career.  My children and grandchildren give me first hand experiences that it truly takes the village to raise and educate our future leaders of tomorrow.