Parental Acknowledgement Form 2021-2022


I understand that my child must follow all rules and regulations of the Coffee County Educational Academy and the Coffee County handbook. I understand that my child has been provided the option to attend the Coffee County Educational Academy to continue his or her education.  If he/she is removed from the alternative program, he/she must attend either a home school program, private school, or enroll in another school system for the remainder of the semester or a calendar year.  If he/she fails to attend another educational program during his/her expulsion period, he/she must return to the alternative program for an additional semester. I understand that my child may be searched at any time to ensure that the learning environment remains safe and appropriate for learning.


I have read and understand the policy set forth by the Coffee County Educational Academy Principal, faculty, and the Coffee County School Board.


Student Information Sheet 2021-2022

Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule


Breakfast----7:50-8:15 (25 mins.)

          Bathroom Break---- (5 mins.)


1st BLOCK----8:15-9:30 (1:15 mins.)

          Break/Bathroom 9:30-9:40 (10 mins.)


2nd BLOCK----9:40-10:55 (1:15 mins.)


3rd BLOCK----10:55-11:10 (15 mins.)

          Break/Bathroom--------------------------------11:10-11:15 (5 mins.)

          Lunch--------------------------------------------11:15-11:45 (30 mins.)

            Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens----11:45-12:00 (15 mins)

            Class Resumes----------------------------------12:00-1:00    (1 hour)


4th BLOCK-------------------1:00-1:15 Break/Bathroom (15 mins.)

                                            1:15-2:30 (1:15 mins.)

Classroom and Instruction Guidelines (K-12th)

All students must wear headphones during the use of Edgenuity.  Edgenuity uses direct instruction to present the instructional material.  Students will be provided headphones or ear buds.  The student is responsible for their headphones. Sharing of headphones will not be allowed.

Students will receive two chances on quizzes, test, and cumulative exam.  Students are required to take adequate written notes.  The teacher and student may review the notes prior to the assessment required.

Teachers will go over material students missed on quizzes and test when requested by the student.  Teachers will not check quizzes or tests before the student submits for grading in Edgenuity.  The teacher is a resource to help the student with his/her individual learning and should be addressed as such.

Students are required to have a notebook and writing materials.  Some teachers will require these notes to be kept in the classroom.

The student’s final grade is based upon Edgenuity which includes any assigned Georgia Department of Education State test.

Students will work on the class assigned to them in the classroom he/she is assigned.  No student should be in the hallway asking for help from a teacher not assigned to him/her unless the student has permission.  Your teacher in the classroom assigned is the teacher qualified to aide student instruction in the course.

Students who are off task (sleeping, not watching videos, disrupting others, etc.) may have their parent/guardian called to pick them up.  Students are here to gain academic credits from his/her base school.  Students are not to disrupt the learning of others. 

Dress Code Policy

1.  The wearing of MASKS is recommended. Masks should not be offensive, distracting, or disruptive to  the learning environment.

2.  All students are to wear solid tan/khaki-pants.  No cargo pants, no tan jeans, no elastic waist, no capris, no parachute pants.  No shorts. No tight pants. No rolled up pants leg. Acceptable pants styles: Dickie’s and Dockers.


3.  Pants are to be worn with a belt for boys and girls at waist/hip level.  A belt must be worn at all times.  No oversized “Bling/Rodeo” or studded belt buckles between shirt and pants. Belt should be black or brown.


4.  Shirts must be white with a collar.  T-shirts are not acceptable.  Undershirts must be plain white, solid gray, or black.  NO TIGHT SHIRTS.  School spirit shirts are allowed.


      5.  Shirts are to be tucked in pants. Student’s skin should not be showing between shirt and pants. Underclothing should not be visible for boys or girls at any time under any circumstances. 


     6.  Students must remove cap, hood, and jacket when on campus and hang them on the provided hooks.


7.  Hats, bandanas, and/or head coverings of any sort are not to be worn inside the building or on school grounds. No head bands.

8.  All shoes are to be laced and strapped: No boots, sandals, or flip flops allowed.  No slip-on shoes.


9.  Socks must be worn every day, which can be white or black in color.

10.  Body piercing and teeth jewelry “Grills” are not allowed.

11.  No jewelry allowed except earrings and watches, one stud per/ear.  Earrings can be no larger than one    centimeter which is the size of a Cheerio. NO OTHER JEWELRY ALLOWED! NO RUBBERBANDS/HAIRBANDS ON ARMS/NO BANDAIDS WORN AS AN ACCESSORY.  

12.  Any hair styles or colors that are deemed by the Principal to be distracting or disruptive will NOT be permitted.

13.  Tattoos must be covered at all times.  Students will be required to wear long sleeve shirts to cover any exposed tattoos.  Staff WILL NOT provide a covering for tattoos.


                                NOT ALLOWED: acrylic nails, long fingernails, high heel shoes, shorts, clothing that is considered revealing, tight, too loose or baggy

Forbidden Items

Illegal Drugs        Purses/Book Bags              Outside Food or Drink            Confrontation with Others

Fighting                Bullying                                  Vaping

Cell Phones and Electronics

We acknowledge that students will have cell phone(s) and electronic device(s).  Students are encouraged NOT to bring their cell phone(s) or electronic device(s) on campus. These device(s) cannot be seen or heard while on campus.  Students will turn in these devices to their teacher at the beginning of the day if they forget to leave it at home.  Teachers will return student’s device at the end of the day.  Failure to turn in devices may result in the student being disciplined according to the Coffee County School System Handbook. Coffee Alternative school staff is not responsible for and will NOT investigate the loss, theft of, or damage to any personal electronic device. 

Behavior Consequences

-Student Conference                             

-ABE Behavior Modules     

-Parent Conference




Coffee Alternative Education Center expectations and subject matter in this document may be amended when necessary to ensure the safety of the learning environment.  Consequences will be at the discretion of the Principal in alignment with the Coffee County School System handbook.